Our loved maci design now also as a unique forcing bag/overall . Made of soft baby plush and between that one layer fodderfleece. Zipper in the back and from leg to leg. You can not move in the bag. Pure punishment-very warm. You are very helpless inside and you need somebody to get in and out of the suit. The armpockets are tigth and have the form of a butterfly. The legbag worked till the knees, so you have to stay in that position.
Soft and extremely warmly. We can add D-Rings, wherever you want. Also the armpockets can be made with a zipper if you want. Other masks of our shop are available....even own ideas are possible. Just add in the order comment.

Made after customer measure: to L size
Please fill in the dimension table in your customer account.

  • Mask firmly sewn or removable with zipper, please choose
  • choose your outside colour
  • choose your inside material and colour
  • choose your contrast colour (here belly)

TBES-00998/ forcing sack punishment *OTTO*

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