That is a preproduction of baby trousers in an adult size for a big babes. Thickly super spreading trousers/diaper for all adult babies and diaper carrier *** with diaper spreading insert in the crotch**the spreading core is approx.70cm/27,5in long* Thereby a beautifully, very pleasant feeling for a big baby develops that you are. You will have to go and sleep like a little baby, because you can't close your legs. The outside is made/worked from cotton with *CHILDMOTIVS* . Invisible two complete layer of fodderfleece. With soft Polarfleece or waterproof textil from the inside. Everything perfectly sews and high quality and a slipping of the core/spreading insert is not possible. Waist flexible with thick rubber band. The suspenders close with thick velcro tape or clik-clak, you can put it how you prefer. The Bib is removable with push buttoms and also the spreading core is easy to remove, in this way the trousers can be weared as a normal trouser.

This item will made for your measurements after your order

  • mittens possible
  • many different childmotivs
  • inside Fleece, waterproof textil 
  • choose the width of crotch
  • choose the filling of crotch ( fodderfleece or polystyrene beads)


SHB-03/Spreading Trousers Set*many child motiv

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